Loteamento Parque do Ribeirão, s/nº.


CEP (ZIP CODE): 46960-000

Location: The Pousada Luar do Sertão is placed in the very entrnce of  Ribeirão do Meio trail. It´s the best reference. It´s 700m from Lençóis center, about 10 minutes walking We provide car ride at night (between 19:30 and 22:30). In the morning the agencies pass by the pousada to go for tours. The tours by Extreme EcoAdventure leave from the pousada.

Don´t use GPS´s to guide you, they don´t have the correct city´s street map.

The map below shows our location in googlemaps:

Location/ Directions: How to get to Pousada Luar do Sertão


To get here you must cross the bridge and turn left passing through the Cultural Market, a beauteful historic bulding. Than you should turn second right at Rosário Street, a rise street with a church in the end. You must pass in front of the church and go straight, turning left in the street´s end at Rua dos Negros.

Go straight ahead and go up the hill after the stream. In the first bifurcation (there are water towers and a cross) go right. This street makes a curve to right and than you turn first left. This is already our street, so go down and you´ll find the Pousada Luar do Sertão and the Ribeirão do Meio trail entrance.

Our gate is blue and the wall is made of bricks.