For tours our partners is the agency Chapada Adventure Daniel. They are a reputable and respected travel agency that operates throughout Chapada Diamantina. Located in the city Lençóis. It offers the best options Nature Tourism, Ecotourism, Adventure Tourism and Inclusive Tourism in Chapada Diamantina, with itineraries that combine adventure, natural beauty, local culture, gastronomy, history, satisfaction and confidence.



We are very proud to have a voluntary collaboration partnership with BVL – Lençóis Voluntary Brigade. Founded in 1991, the BVL entity was the first volunteer forest fire fighting brigade in Brazil. Thanks to these warriors many of the forest fires do not take even worse proportions. They are great defenders of nature, because those who live in the paradise of Chapada Diamantina loves and devotes the environment and its preservation. In addition to combating forest fires, the entity acts to assist in the rescue of accidents, clean-up of the tracks and actions of environmental education with the children. Maximum respect!



Another great partner is Caminhos do Brasil. They are specialized in the elaboration of maps, books and guides that bring a different look on the exuberant nature of the region. Get to know their new release: the book “Natural History of Chapada Diamantina”. The company’s mission is to make Bahia an open-air laboratory, to use its charms and its beauty to convey interesting and important information for the preservation of natural environments and the valorization of fauna, flora, geo diversity and traditional communities, developing a Tourism more complete and conscious.

New Caminhos do Brasil release: História Natural da Chapada Diamantina

Casa de Licores de LençóisIt is a great pleasure to have the Lençóis Liquor House as a partner. For those who want to taste a delicious liquor with typical fruits of the region, our tip is to look for this establishment. The artisan Clovis welcomes every visitor with lots of conversation, stories and hospitality. The tasting offered allows the visitor to try different flavors before choosing which one to buy. Make a visit!



Brigada de Resgate Ambiental de LençóisThe Lençóis Rescue Environmental Brigade (Brigada de Resgate Ambiental de Lençóis), known as BRAL, is our parnters for many years and is one entity who works a lot for the environment. The main focus is fight against fire in our forrests, one of our biggest problems in the National Park, but they also go for rescues in case of accident and organizes environmental education activities and training of firefighters and rescuers. This is and nonprofit ONG.